Tulsa Rent To Own

Tulsa Rent To Own

Welcome to Winfield Investments, LLC (the “Company”). We are a private real estate enterprise located in Tulsa & Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that along with our sister company, Ted Parks LLC, purchase and sell affordable housing to deserving individuals and families. The companies specialize in the acquisition and redevelopment of government sold properties located in Tulsa and Oklahoma Counties, Oklahoma. All of our properties are wholly- owned and debt-free. We provide financing on a “Lease Option” or “Rent to Own” basis on terms that are extremely favorable to our buyers. The qualification process is simple.

The Company does not consider the buyer’s credit or financial history since the first ten (10) years of the agreement is under a ten (10) year standard Oklahoma lease (Lease Agreement). An option payment of generally $1,000.00 is paid at the same time that the required information is obtained for the completion of the contracts. Possession of the property is given to the new tenant upon receipt of the option payment.

The option assures the buyer of continuous financing at 10% with fixed payments throughout the agreement (Option Agreement). At the end of the lease, assuming the option has not been exercised prior by the buyer, all payments under the lease are credited as principle and interest towards the initial purchase price of the property and the financing costs. The option incorporates a ten year note & mortgage to the buyer’s for the remaining balance owed on the property on terms established in the option agreement. Assuming a twenty (20) year amortization of the properties purchase price, the first ten (10) year monthly lease payments and the second ten (10) year mortgage payments will be the same. The property is recorded in the buyer’s name at that time.

Buyers are responsible for their prorated share of the property taxes as additional rent under the lease agreement. Insurance coverage is also the responsibility of the buyer. Buyers can provide their own financing if they can obtain terms and conditions that are more favorable than those offered by the Company. There are no prepayment penalties for the early exercise of the option. The only other fees that are charged the buyer are for late payments. Lease payments are due on the first of the month defined in the contract and are delinquent on the fifteenth (15th) of that month.

In addition to the Option & Lease Agreements, the Company requires a Repairs, Maintenance & Alterations Agreement that defines how the buyer can personalize the property to their own satisfaction.

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